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Our products are handmade by a family of certified artisans from Puerto Rico using recyclable materials.  We currently have three collections: "Mermaid's Tears" consist of Sea Glass Jewelry created by Kryshia L. Lopez a 17 years old artisan, "Treasures of the Caribbean" a collection of Coconut, Sea Shells, Bamboo and Native Seeds Jewelry and Wood Carvings created by Ivan G. Lopez a 15 years old artisan, and the "Island Secrets Collection" Jewelry made from Coconut, Sea Shells, Bamboo and Native Seeds created by Ivan Lopez And Raquel Rosario, artisans, as well as Wood Carvings and unique Coconut Carved Lamps by Ivan. The Sea Glass,  Native Seeds, Sea Shells, Coconut and Bamboo are collected by the artisans in the beaches of Rincon, Puerto Rico and surrounding areas.

Mermaid' Tears Creations

Sea Glass Jewelry

Kryshia L. Lopez
Sea glass are glass bottles that have been broken and polished by the ocean, rocks, sand and salt water.  The collection was created with Sea Glass found at the most gorgeous beaches in Rincon, PR.

Treasures of the Caribbean Collection

Botanical Jewelry, Sea Shell Jewelry and Wood Carvings
By: Ivan G. Lopez
The Artisan uses Native Seeds, Bamboo, Sea Shells and Coconut to create wonderful and unique pieces.

Island Secrets Creations

Organic Jewelry, Wood Carvings and Coconut Carvings
By: Ivan Lopez and Raquel Rosario
Artisans Create
one of a kind pieces using recyclable products from nature.

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Visit us in Rincon, Puerto Rico #15 Comercio St.

Make sure if you travel to the Island of Enchantment to come visit us in Rincon, town of the Beautiful Sunsets.  We are located in the west coast were the best surfing beaches are.  Here you can also visit the Lighthouse and on your way there enjoy the breath taking views.

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